Paramount In-Floor Pool Cleaning

Paramount In-floor Pool Cleaning

If you are looking to save time and money in cleaning your pool haven’t we got a market trend to share with you! Grab that coffee, relax and be prepared to be amazed by what we are about to share with you. It’s called in-floor pool cleaning and it’s a must have this year and something you should discuss with your Tweed Coast & Northern NSW pool builders! It’s so good that those with it won’t stop talking about it!

What is in-floor pool cleaning?

Often referred to as an in-floor circulation, in-floor pool cleaning systems are designed to reduce the need for manual vacuuming of your swimming pool. It generally has strategically placed pop up cleaning jets built into the concrete interior of your pool. When turned on these pop up jets will quite literally pop up and push through a steady stream of water. This enables all of that fine dust and debris to lift from the ground of the pool up to the top of the water, and out through the skimmer to your filter. Top of the range in-floor pool cleaning systems will have a drain in the bottom of the pool to also assist in removing large debris and dirt.

What do you think? Have we grabbed your attention? Are you keen to say goodbye to unsightly robotic and suction pool cleaners?

The Paramount In-floor pool cleaning brand

"Paramount In-Floor cleaning and circulation systems work automatically to reduce maintenance time for your swimming pool and spas and maximise your enjoyment!" - Pool Water Products

Here at Cabarita Pools Tweed Coast and Northern NSW we only use the best system in the market which is the Paramount brand offered by Pool Water Products. The Paramount in-floor pool cleaning system includes:

  • A water valve to directly influence the flow of water.
  • Rotating pop up nozzles / jets to sweep debris off the floor and into the drain and skimmer.
  • MDX-R3 drain designed to remove debris including larger leave and fine dirt.
  • A large debris canister to capture debris and reduce the stress on your filter and pump to enable consistent and efficient flow of water.
  • Venturi skimmer to collect all of the surface debris

Below is a diagram of the Paramount in-floor cleaning system and the correlating numbered parts as outlined above.


If you are looking to enjoy all year round crystal clear pristine water, then look no further. Talk to Cabarita Pools about how we can incorporate in-floor pool cleaning into your concrete pool design and quote. We also consider having a Purapool Oxygen Minerale system to provide an added ‘fresh water’ like swimming experience.

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