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Swimming Pool Water Features

What are the different types of water features?

This is a question most commonly asked by homeowners looking for a water feature to add to their swimming pool. A water feature is a perfect addition to any swimming pool in creating the resort look, feel, and sound. When done right they can truly become a centre piece to any new swimming pool. You can easily create that subtle relaxing trickle sound, or the sound of a Niagara Falls in the making. Whatever your desire there’s a type for you! Cabarita Pool Builders are going to list just a few different water features you should consider adding to your next swimming pool.


An innovative and diverse water feature that has no design limitations, you really can’t go wrong! Stacked stone and tiled water features most commonly have a long water blade / spillway that water flows through. These water blades can be operated by a separate pool pump, or in conjunction with the pool on a 3-way valve. Thanks to the 3-way valve you can create a small trickle of water, to a heavy flow. This becomes quite adaptable to an evening with friends, relaxing by the pool, or a feature for kids to have fun and play with. Most water blades have the option of adding an LED light to the sheer descent so you can create a real statement piece as the sun goes down.

Because stacked stone and tiled water features are generally a raised feature they become a great option to hiding your filtration equipment behind. You can even build a storage box to hide those pool toys!


Deck jets as the name states are jets that are placed in the pools surrounding decking, although they can also be placed in your coping tile. You’ll come across these in a lot of resorts and park, but they are becoming increasingly popular in residential swimming pools. Like the stacked stone water features, deck jets can also be operated by a 3-way valve to act as an alternate return. Again, enabling you to change the speed and flow of water to your liking. These can look simplistic and amazing. Not to mention you can also incorporate lighting so the stream of water lights up at night.


Natural rocks stacked on top of one another to create that natural water fall feature is just stunning. When done right you can create that rain forest look and feel in your own backyard. These are best suited for lagoon style pools to tie it all in with the typical lagoon look and feel. Natural rock water features can also be an addition to any modern pool to create a centre piece or focal point.

The good thing about natural rock water features is that you can position them how you like and easily custom design the height, width, and style.


If you are going for a particular unique look that ties into a theme of your choosing then an ornamental and customer designed water feature may be just what you are looking for. For example, if you’re going for that Balinese style pool, then a Buddha with water trickling down and into the pool would be an ideal design choice.

We encourage our customers to think outside the box and let their imagination run wild. Similar to the homeowner who designed the pool in this image which has two ornaments inside a recessed stone wall with a water fall coming down from underneath.

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